Monday, May 28, 2007

Survived the week!

Except for the fact that it is Monday and the beginning of another week. Oh well. Five more weeks of this overtime insanity and then life will slow down again.

Last weekend the hubby finished up his pool and I was a bit afeared about how bit it was. I was just not correctly picturing how big a 16' pool was. Here is is before water:

Then, last week, hubby and Vanessa they carpenter belts on and created a deck. They they put up the sunshade. Patio furniture was not far behind of course. Now, the best looking most matching room we have isn't even in the house. Ironic. The deck/sunshade set has the added bonus of adding scale for the pool. Now it doesn't look so unbelievably out of place!

It's nice. The yard has stopped looking abandoned, which is awesome.

I also cast on and finished a couple inches of a Cafe Curtains sock from Kurrajong Handcrafts. Really pretty pattern. I drew up a chart to make my life easier. I just can't knit from words anymore. I'm using handpainted yarn from Shelridge farm. Really nice stuff. So nice in fact, I ordered more from the Sweetsheep. They actually have some of the handpaint in so if you want it you better hurry. It never hangs around long.

That's about it from me. Lucy asked me to do a meme but it will have to wait. I gotta go have a shower and head off for my 13 hour shift! Happy Monday y'all!

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alison said...

Beautiful pattern!